The Sun Float Inflatable Life Jacket


A rash guard that doubles as a buoyancy aid that keeps you afloat in the water when you are in danger. The Sun-float-shirt keeps the swimmer face-up while in the water, ensuring maximum breathing capability. Designed for all water sports.

The Sun Float Inflatable Life Jacket
The Sun Float Inflatable Life Jacket

How does it work?

 The inflatable rash guards have a built-in inflatable bladder that expands on both sides of your chest and across the shoulders keeping you face up in the water. The air bladder is sandwiched in between two layers of stretchable fabric so it is unseen and very comfortable to wear. The shirt is available in a variety of sizes and sports a unisex design. If you’re going to be in the water,
Be SAFE, comfortable, and Be COOL!

Sunfloat rush guard -safety first without compromising on comfort!


The sun float Guard is certified as a Level 50 Buoyancy Aid. All of our components are certified for use in life-saving devices


Our products are manufactured to the very highest standards and meet numerous international standards. A must-have product so you can stay calm and reassured while your loved ones are in the water.


The Sun-Float shirt is incredibly comfortable and great looking. A stretch fabric of polyester and lycra with double lining ensures a soft, light and wearable shirt with maximum comfort and UV protection.


The sunfloat Rash Guard is packed with features to keep you worry free. 

Sun Float - Inflatable rash guard
Sun Float - Inflatable rash guard

Customers reviews

Sun Float life vest
I really like this shirt. I rely on it because I am somewhat plagued with calf cramps which would be bad news while in the water alone. I use it for lap-swimming in a pool. It also keeps me afloat at the deep end.
kite 1
I’ve got a son, it’s great knowing he’s protected from the sun and if he get into trouble , he just need to pull the cord and he will be safe
sun float
I love the idea that this looks like a regular rashguard yet inflatable! My daughter loves to go outdoors and bought her this a gift. She really likes it! This lessens my worry too!
sun float