Who We Are?

Sun-Float Co. manufacturers and sells water-sports products. We strive to make different water sports safer.

Our main product is the “Sun-Float Shirt”  , an unique patent-pending, which is a combination of high-quality UV filter shirt and internal lining that is inflated and used as a float aid when needed. All of that while ensuring comfort, safety and a modern design.

The Shirt is designed for all water sports and is perfect for recreational or competitive use including amateur surfing, paddle-boarding, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and kite surfing.

The product is marketed mostly to suppliers but also we sometimes market it to private costumers according to the existing inventory available to us in our warehouses.

Our products are manufactured with the most high quality material that exist in the market

Purchasing the product on our website is secured by all online trading rules. Also, customer service is available for you for any question.



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