How do you inflate the shirt?

Before inflating your Sun-float shirt make sure the correct size CO2 cartridge is installed (16 Gram 3/8 thread CO2 Cartridge). The shirt is inflated by pulling down sharply on the cord In the event that you have inflated the sun-float shirt make sure you replace the cartridge so it is ready for use next time.

What if my shirt won't inflate when I pull the cord?

If the shirt does not inflate, you can manually inflate it by blowing into the oral inflation tube located in the opening on the right side of the shirt near your shoulder. You should also check to see that the cord is not tangled and is moving freely. If the shirt still fails to inflate, you should not wear it until the problem has been identified and resolved.

Where do I buy replacement cartridges?

CO2 cartridges are a common item and is available for purchase at all sporting goods suppliers. Due to air travel policy, C02 cartridges are not allowed to be shipped via air transportation but are available online if it is shipped to you within your country.

How often do I need to replace the CO2 cartridge?

The CO2 cartridge should be replaced after activation or at least every 12 months. CO2 cartridges have a shelf life and must be replaced at regular intervals with the correct size.

How do I deflate my Sun-float shirt?

To deflate the shirt, locate the black cup that is on the top of the oral inflation tube. Turn the cap over and push the raised section of the cap into the top of the tube. While performing this action, you should be able to hear the air escaping from the inflation bladder. While pressing the cap down on the oral tube, gently apply pressure on your shirt to help expel all of the air from the bladder. Make sure that your inflation bladder is completely deflated before activating your CO2 cartridge again.

Is my SUN-FLOAT shirt a lifejacket?

SUN-FLOAT shirt is registered as a 75N (buoyancy aid) while life jackets are registered as 100N and above. So it should be worn by good swimmers in sheltered waters, with help at hand.

How many times can I use the shirt before replacing the CO2 cartridge?

Cartridges are not reusable, once used they should be replaced with any 16 Gram 3/8 Threaded CO2 Cartridge and green safety clip before the shirt is worn again.

What size shirt do I need?

When selecting your shirt size, you would purchase the same size as you would when buying a T-shirt. (Please refer to the size chart in order to find which size shirt is best for you.) The fabric is very flexible and will allow for expansion if you are between sizes. For best performance your shirt should be snug against your body when worn, the shirt should not be worn as it will not perform as intended.

The Sun Float Inflatable Life Jacket