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This incredible vest is very comfortable and looks great on you when worn. It is made of stretch fabric with double lining, ensuring its durability. When inflated, the Sun-Float shirt helps you keep face-up when you underwater so you won’t struggle to turn and breath as you resurface.



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About Product

There is no second chance when it comes to saving lives. That’s why your safety is always our top priority. Introducing the most innovative life saving apparel, the Sun-Float shirt!

The Sun-Float shirt features a soft and lightweight design, offering maximum comfort and UV protection. The small pocket on the lower back part inside can be used for storing small things such as your keys so you won’t have to worry about having to leave anything behind as you go on the water. With its hidden zipper closure, it’s very easy to wear and also prevents having to turn yourself inside out when removing it

About Product Size

When selecting your shirt size you would purchase the same size as you would when buying a T-shirt. (Please refer to the size chart in order to find which size shirt is best for you.) The fabric is very flexible and will allow for expansion if you are between sizes. For best performance your shirt should be snug against your body when worn, the shirt should not be worn as it will not perform as intended.

 CO2 cartridges size 16 Gram 3/8 thread ( see F.A.Q page) are  cheap and common items and  available for purchase also at  LINK

our shipment does not contain CO2 cartridge

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45 reviews for Sun-float Life Shirt

  1. Tim Anderson

    This is a great shirt! Good fit, comfortable, easy to wear and operate.

  2. Torrey L.Mellgren

    I Love the way this life shirt looks ,keeps me supper warm movement is a bit restricte product’ fels very well made

  3. maria

    I’ve got a son, it’s great knowing he’s protected from the sun and if he get
    into trouble , he just need to pull the cord and he will be safe

  4. Jennifer

    I bought this shirt for my son, I’m really relaxed now when he’s surfing

  5. Pual Martin

    Best product- It feels like a normal Lycra shirt, very comfortable to wear

  6. Jonatan1456

    These are great because they are lightweight so perfect for moving around while you’re kayaking. I can’t say if they inflate well as I haven’t fallen into the water….yet.

  7. Annie Huntsman

    Came on time, packaged well. Light fitting. So easy to inflate. Hope’s it works as well as it fits. I’ll know best when I’m on my vacation.

  8. Agatha Smith

    My son has severe autism and loves the pool, but this gives me fantastic peace of mind. He wears the extra large size. I’ve pulled out some of the floats as he is getting better and better in the water. He actually can orient his body and swim from place to place! Hands down, this is really the best and safest swim shirt ever!

  9. Adeline

    Am a water Lover… Now learning Flyboard Flying.
    This shirt gave me the Confidence , highly recommended product that keeps you Protected.

  10. NaomI

    Bought this Life-Gaurd For MY Beloved sister who is Surfer,
    Now feel Safe!!
    Thanks Sun-FLoat

  11. Glen

    I bought this for my wife, who doesn’t know how to swim. This gives her the confidence to paddle around our pool, including the deep end.

  12. David Joren

    I’m 100% confident in the Sun-float shirt because I can just pull the cord- it’s gonna auto inflate and protect me and keep me safe

  13. Tommy

    Recived The product And Now Highly Excited to try This Weekend.
    Yahooooo …

  14. Valentina

    All I can Say is Just Wow,
    Its easy to handle, Comfortable, Life saving and gave me classy looks 🙂

  15. Zoey Drove

    I am a water Lover and in hunt of a product that gave me Chic looks and also aid me in Trouble.
    Sun-Float ends my Search!

  16. Cherry Dorvy

    I truly liked the comfort it provided. You’ll feel 100% safe and cooler in this 
    There wasn’t any chaffing which we occasionally happens in life vests!

  17. TanBW

    I have received Sun-float safety wear Thanks you.

    Good product and fast DHL shipping I am very happy!

  18. Blake

    5 Star product in every feature and fast delivery.

  19. Isla

    Highly Recommended product for your Beloved Ones !
    Like I bought for my childs.

  20. Mark Seton

    Received my SUN-FLOAT rash guard today. It fits well and is great quality, very pleased.

  21. Marcos Adam

    The Sun-Float Inflatable Rash Gaurd is perfect for my Water surfing Adventures.
    Its perfect to wear this comfy shirt than A bulky one , this will also gave you a smarter look!

  22. Jamie Jopsin

    You also need this product If You are a water Lover..
    Like Me , awesome product and Awseome service.

  23. Mia Mia

    SUN-Flaot helps me to to follow my dreams with no worry,
    You will be worry free with Sun-float.
    Highly Recommended product!

  24. Austin Kie

    Easy To Operate and Highly comfy.
    Thanks Sun-float!

  25. Grace

    All you need to do with Sun-Float , is to just pull the cord and You’ll be safe like me.
    Love this product who makes me worry free.

  26. Charlotte

    I was actually mentally satisfied after wearing this, Bcoz its Life Saver.
    It will help you in impecuniousness and need of Hour 🙂

  27. rollex11

    !I really like this . Recommended product

  28. Kie Kumpto

    You will be In love with this Highly needed product Like me!

  29. Jacob Max

    Thanks Sun-Float For this great Product!

  30. Hailey

    Thanks Sunfloat…
    For making my life easier…No I can follow my passion of water sports without any milestone.

  31. Mason

    Sun-float Inflatable Rash gaurd is Amazing!!
    It makes you 100% worry free 🙂

  32. Garcia

    Its perfect to wear this comfy shirt than A bulky one , this will also gave you a smarter look!

  33. Cris Crtyo

    Enjoy your Life with Sunfloat , they give us Life safety .
    Yahoooo 😀

  34. Michelle

    I am tourist and Water lover..Sun-float makes my life easier

  35. Byrne

    Perfect for my passion… Snuba Diving… Now feeling myself all time safe.
    Thanks Sunfloat!

  36. Oscar

    I love Freediving and sunfloat too 🙂

  37. Margaret

    Just wow products!

  38. Ronnie Roy

    Its the one I was looking For…Minimal Bulk Design and Full Mobility.

  39. Charlie william

    10 star Products …Really delivered what they claimed !

  40. Ariana

    Me and My Friends planned For ocean Tours..
    Its My first time, But the thing I am confident about IS This True Life Gaurd!
    Thanks Sun-Float

  41. Gary

    I really like this shirt. I rely on it because I am somewhat plagued with calf cramps – which would be bad news while in the water alone. I use it for lap-swimming in a pool. It also keeps me afloat at the deep end.

  42. Tracy

    I have bought for my Nephews , they are learning swimming these days.
    So, it gave me content of their safety.

  43. Jack Liam

    Fast delivery , Excellent Service and Life saving Products !

  44. Cora Albie

    Highly needed product to keep myself protected whenever be in water.

  45. Bryant Green

    I love the idea that this looks like a regular rashguard yet inflatable! My daughter loves to go outdoors and bought her this a gift. She really likes it! This lessens my worry too!

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